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Laikeman Sports offers a variety of table tennis flooring to fit the needs of any facility and level of competition

Whether a competitive court for professionals or a gymnasium for student athletes, it is important that table tennis floors have ease of maintenance, protection against scratches, ideal shock absorption and natural ball bounce levels. Laikeman Grid Table Tennis sports floor covering provides those and more.


A skilled table tennis player requires an exceptional court floor that prioritizes performance and safety. Laikeman Sport table tennis vinyl floor provides the ideal surface, allowing players to move effortlessly without worrying about fatigue or injuries. When choosing a table tennis court floor, important decisions hinge on key factors, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Does the kind of Table Tennis indoor sports floor truly make a difference?

Laikeman Table Tennis indoor sports floor is a textured vinyl sports floor covering constructed with fiberglass mat and a PVC foam backing. Employing a foam layer with dense cellular structure, the engineered honeycomb texture of Laikeman Sport provides improved adhesion to the subfloor, unrivaled acoustic performance, ideal shock absorption, and natural ball bounce levels.

Is having an Laikeman Sport Table Tennis indoor sports floor safer, without compromising performance?

Yes, it definitely is. Laikemann Sport surface treatment provides optimal surface friction for performance, uniformity and safety; easy maintenance without stripping; protection against scratches; and easy removal of sole marks.

Is an Laikeman Sport Table Tennis indoor sports floor to be used solely for Table Tennis?

No. In fact, it can accommodate non-sporting events with tables and chairs without the need for protective floor covering.


badminton floor

Grid V4

Indoor Court

Thickness: 4.5mm

Grid V5

Indoor Court

Thickness: 5.0mm

Indoor Court

Thickness: 3.5/4.5mm
Gem-4.5-update-blue_vinyl flooring


Indoor Court

Thickness: 3.5/4.5/6/0mm
vinyl flooring

Indoor Court

Thickness: 5.0/8.0mm

Diamond Outdoor

Indoor and Outdoor

Thickness: 4.0/6.0mm

Small Stone

Indoor Court

Thickness: 4.5mm


Indoor Court

Thickness: 6.0mm


Indoor and Outdoor

Thickness: 5.2mm


Indoor Court

Thickness: 4.8mm

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