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Pickleball is traditionally played on a badminton-sized court with special Pickleball paddles

The ball used is similar to a wiffle ball, but slightly smaller. The lower net and wiffle ball allow the game to be accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Important considerations for Pickle-ball surfaces are adequate levels of shock absorption, optimal surface friction for performance and safety, easy maintenance, and durability.
standard pickleball court


LAIKEMAN Sports is leading the way in the pickleball industry with innovative solutions like the roll-out pickleball court. With over 15 years of experience in sport surfaces, LAIKEMAN Sports is patent-pending and transforming the industry with portable pickleball court options. Our focus is on every pickleball player, from beginners to professionals. We are committed to the sport’s integrity, ensuring that every pickleball court, including backyard pickleball courts, has a tournament-quality, professional surface. Safety, consistency, and court performance are our top priorities!
Aside from performance characteristics, and decisions about choosing the right Pickleball surface often depends on the answers to several key questions:

1. How to select the right size of pickleball court surface?

A typical pickleball court consists of playing areas and buffer zones, with various size specifications available based on the actual court area. The standard pickleball court measures 30 feet by 60 feet, while the minimum court size matches that of a badminton court at 24 feet by 50 feet. We offer multiple paving sizes to accommodate different court requirements.

court size 36ft x 60ft, one court are 6 rolls.
court size 30ft x 60ft, one court are 5 rolls.
court size 26ft x 60ft, one court are 5 rolls.
court size 24ft x 50ft, one court are 4 rolls.
court size 20ft x 44ft, one court are 4 rolls.
the playing areas are only 24ft x 44ft, other size are all edge areas surround the courts.
2. Why is Laikeman Sport an ideal Pickleball surface?
In sports and recreation, it is important to judge a floor based on performance characteristics. Specific properties ensure that athletes not only perform their best, but perform safely as well. Laikeman Sport is certified through BWF, the most recognized sports flooring standard globally. This standard measures four key factors for safety and suitability in sports activities: 1) force reduction (shock absorption), 2) surface finish effect (coefficient of friction), 3) ball rebound (ball bounce), and 4) vertical deformation.
3. Is Laikeman Sport expensive to maintain?
In choosing any Pickle-ball surface, it is important to budget lifetime maintenance costs along with the cost of the flooring. Laikeman Sport only needs to be dust mopped and cleaned with soap and water solutions, so cost of ownership is one of the lowest of any surface.

The frosted treatment on the product’s surface serves not only as an anti-slip measure but also functions as a stain-resistant coating. The UV surface makes it easy to clean.

4. Can the court pattern be customized, and can we print our logo?

Certainly! We offer customization options for court designs and can incorporate your logo for printing as well.

pickleball court
pickleball court
pickleball court
pickleball court


The Pickleball series flooring is a top-tier heterogeneous vinyl sports floor, meticulously engineered with multiple specialized layers. Each coating serves a distinct purpose, including enhancing dimensional stability, minimizing upkeep, prolonging lifespan, and delivering exceptional sports performance with superior shock absorption. Through Laikeman’s innovative virtually tension-free manufacturing process, these layers seamlessly merge to create the ultimate multi-purpose sports surface.
custom printed floor layer
1. Professional surface grain anti-skid safety
According to the characteristics of Pickleball professional design of the two floor lines, meet the pickleball friction coefficient requirements of the court, to ensure the safety of anti-skid, so that the movement of free, open yourself.
2. Leading process lasting beautiful
The design layer is placed in the board body to ensure that it will never wear out and keep the original color and beauty for a long time. No worries about wear and tear, maintenance free, cost saving.
3. Minimal splicing error perfect effect guarantee
Professional design and construction level guarantee, can accurately control the floor parquet and the error of the joint slot, ensure that the joint is tight, avoid the parquet dislocation, high and low drop problem, affect the overall effect.
4. Super stable structure
Optimize the strength of the floor, resist the change of temperature difference in different seasons, and ensure the floor is not deformed and not bulging , suitable for both indoor and outdoor and Temperature bear -40°C ~80°C, Average service is 3-5 years at least .


100% pvc material
Using life
6-8 years
Outdoor and Indoor Pickleball courts
30ft x 60ft
26ft x 60ft 2
4ft x 50ft
20ft x 44ft
-40°C ~80°C
3.5 kg for 2.5mm 4.0 kg for 3.0mm
Pickleball sports courts
any colors design can print inset the floor and never color fade
shock absorption
Sound insulation
Vertical deformation
Slip resistance
Basketball rebound rate
Indentation resistance
Friction coefficient
residual indentation
wear resistance
≤350 mg
dimensional stability
thermal resistance
Surface treatment
UV / PUR treatment
Toxic and harmful substances test

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