volleyball court floor

The best volleyball court surface solution, learn more about how to choose volleyball court floor for indoor and outdoor

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standard pickleball court

high-quality all dimensions pickleball court vinyl floor mats for indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, exceptional grip, easy maintenance.

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badminton court floor
Badminton Floor

Laikeman Sports offers a variety of badminton flooring to fit the needs of any facility and level of competition The Badminton Floor offers a portable surface designed specifically for badminton, ensuring clear and accurate markings for the game. This solution eliminates confusion caused by multi-sport floors with various game lines, providing clarity for participants. Get…

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litchi upgrate
Lichi Upgrade 2.0

Litchi Upgrade 2.0 multi-use vinyl flooring The Litchi series stands out as a versatile sports flooring solution. It boasts a Class 3 shock absorption rating and meets the latest standards for ball rebound, surface finish effect, and vertical deformation. This high-performance series is suitable for a wide range of sports activities, including basketball, volleyball, and…

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basketball floor indoor
Basketball Floor

Laikeman Sports offers a variety of basketball flooring to fit the needs of any facility and level of competition Whether it’s a competitive court for professional players or a gymnasium for student athletes, achieving optimal friction, ball rebound, and shock absorption is crucial for basketball floors. These factors significantly impact performance and safety on the…

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