Three Reasons To Choose Vinyl Sports Flooring

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional basketball gym flooring, vinyl may be your best choice. Here are three compelling reasons to consider vinyl sports flooring for your project.

When it comes to sports flooring, there’s a debate between vinyl, polyurethane, and hardwood. Each has its merits, but vinyl sports flooring stands out for its versatility and desirable features. Here are three compelling reasons to consider vinyl sport flooring for your project:

Customizable Elasticity

Sports flooring’s performance hinges on its elasticity, cushioning and sound dampening. And it can offers a better range of elasticities, suitable for various sports.
Vinyl flooring is available in the widest range of elasticities to suit any sport. Not only it can offer point elastic performance which deforms in a small area, area elastic performance where the energy is spread over a large area, but also mixed elastic performance, where you get both point and area elastic qualities.

Exceptional Durability

Vinyl flooring consists of several layers, with a strong PVC top layer designed to withstand wear and impact. Its flexibility prevents cracking or splitting on impact, making it ideal for sports halls. Beneath the surface, the underlay provides desired elastomeric properties while safeguarding the subfloor from damage. This is particularly crucial for screw-fixed plywood floors. Even concrete floors benefit from an underlay to achieve a softer, more compressible PVC surface.

Multiple Colour

Vinyl sport floor offers a spectrum of color options. We can put a durable coating on it that is similar to road markings. This coating adheres firmly, ensuring longevity. Moreover, you can easily mark-up the flooring for specific pitches and courts using the same resilient coating. This versatility in coloring makes it an excellent choice for schools and leisure centers.


Vinyl flooring is a kind of flooring material made of polyvinyl chloride resin, which has the advantages of wear-resistant, anti-slip, mildew-resistant, easy to clean, etc., and is widely used in stadiums, gyms and other places. In a word, it can provide better comfort and safety for athletes.
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