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Coral Sand Indoor Vinyl Sport Flooring

Coral Sand (Indoor) is Laikeman’s top-rated multi-purpose sports flooring, designed to meet the highest standards. It boasts a Class 2 shock absorption rating in line with the ASTM F2772 standard.
This versatile surface is perfect for various sports including badminton, tennis, table tennis, and pickleball. Moreover, it effortlessly transitions to accommodate non-sporting events. Choose Coral Sand for premium indoor sports flooring.
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Coral Sand is a top-grade heterogeneous vinyl sports floor, engineered with multiple specialized layers. Each layer serves a distinct purpose, enhancing factors like dimensional stability, ease of maintenance, longevity, and sports performance with excellent shock absorption. Laikeman employs a cutting-edge, virtually tension-free manufacturing process to seamlessly integrate these layers, resulting in the ultimate multi-purpose sports flooring solution.
1. Performance Protection
Laikeman floors feature a surface treated with photoreticulated polyurethane, fortified with robust micro-particles. This advanced treatment ensures effortless maintenance, eliminating the need for stripping, waxing, or recoating. It also offers superior defense against scratches, sole marks, and stains, while providing an ideal surface friction for enhanced safety. Choose Laikeman for floors that combine practicality with durability.
2. Wear Layer Resistance
The Coral Sand series for indoors contains a pigmented wear layer made from pure PVC that carries a 10-year warranty( Sports only).
3. Core Layer with Dimensional Stability
A compact Cour layer with embedded non-woven fiberglass gives The Big Stone series superior dimensional stability.
4. Shock Absorbing Foamed Cushion
A foam layer with a dense cellular structure provides unrivaled acoustic performance, ideal shock absorption and natural ball bounce levels.
5. Honeycomb Texture with Superior Adhesion
The backing of Laikeman vinyl flooring is an engineered honeycomb texture for improved adhesion to the subfloor.


1. Superior Sports Performance
Laikeman Coral Sand is a high performance sports flooring for dedicated recreational or competitive athletics. It has Class 4 shock absorption and meets all the requirements of ball rebound, vertical deformation, and surface finish effect outlined in the EN 14904 and BWF standard.
2. Consistent Surface Texture:
Unlike some sport vinyl floors, Laikeman Flooring has the same embossed surface on all solid colors. This means consistent playability and a uniform texture of all material selected, regardless of color.
3. Easy Maintenance:
The embossed surface of Laikeman Flooring provides a unique texture that doesn’t trap dirt, reducing the need for cleaning and saving on maintenance costs.
4. Phthalate-Free Manufacturing:
Laikeman Flooring is one of the only resilient sports surfaces to be manufactured with phthalate-free technology. The PVC powder used to produce Laikeman Flooring are the same materials approved for food containers and children’s toys.
5. Healthier Indoor Air Quality
The PVC powder used in Laikeman vinyl flooring is sourced from food-grade materials, ensuring environmental friendliness and absence of pollution. The production process does not incorporate any harmful substances, guaranteeing a safe and pollution-free indoor environment. Laikeman vinyl flooring for indoors is FloorScore® certified by SCS Global Services, indicating exceptionally low VOC emissions.

Usage Scenarios

Table tennis, badminton, tennis, pickleball

Format Options

5.0mm/5.5mm/8.0mm x 1.8m x 15m


1. Multi-Set Glue Adhesive
If a full adhesive installation is required, Laikeman Flooring can be installed using Solvent-free Multi-Poxy adhesive. With Multi-Set Glue can tolerate up to 98% RH. Multi-Set Glue is not only safer for the health of installers, it has a high resistance to moisture and superior bond strength. Multi-Set Glue can help against cracks and joint issues with a subfloor by isolating the flooring system away from the substrate, at the same time removing the potential for vapor pressure to form. It's better to use Multi-Set Glue Adhensive when the court size is more than 200 or specific for competition to avoid bulging and distortion.
2. Non-mark Tape Connection
If the flooring changes locations periodically or if the area is relatively small, not exceeding 500 square meters, you can opt for tape connection, without the need for adhesive application. Moreover, it will not leave a glue mark, when the tape is removed.

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