Laikeman Sport Floor | 1100 Square Meter Badminton Hall installation

This article provides insights into the selection criteria for badminton court flooring and the standards for quality flooring. Laikeman Sport Floor aims to assist global clients in creating professional, user-friendly, and cost-effective sports venues.
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[Southeast Asia], September 14, 2023 — A chain of badminton facilities spanning 1100 square meters proudly unveils its newly constructed venue, and equipped with Laikeman’s top-of-the-line Sport Floor. The facility has selected the renowned Crystal Sand product for its flooring needs.

First of all, meeting the demands of this ambitious project, Laikeman’s impeccable customer service played a pivotal role. Then, providing a diverse range of product options, Laikeman assisted the client in choosing the Crystal Sand, featuring a 6.0mm thickness, tailored to their specific requirements.

Product superiority of Crystal Sand

Crystal Sand, purpose-built for badminton venues, boasts a reinforced surface, resulting in an exceptional tensile strength of 2.5MPa, surpassing the industry standard of 2.0. As a result, the break elongation rate of 99% far exceeds the industry average of 90%, and the sliding friction coefficient of 1.2 ensures optimal athlete safety.

How to choose badminton floor

As shown above, in terms of selecting the right floor is pivotal. Let me give you some tips here. Firstly, thickness typically ranges from 3.5mm to 6mm, with popular colors being green or blue. Secondly, the wear layer, crucial for longevity, generally measures 1.1/1.2mm thick. So that the choice of thickness directly impacts player comfort and performance.

About Laikeman Sport Floor

Laikeman’s strengths extend to a dedicated factory with a standing inventory of 600,000 sqm, facilitating swift global deliveries. Besides, with 13 years of industry expertise, they offer end-to-end services, ensuring consistently high standards.

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